Arai Hills – The Most Scenic Place of Pune

Updated: Apr 4

What is so picturesque about Arai Hills?

If you ask me to describe then it would be impossible for me to choose a generic statement and I would best describe it as – “Ecstasy wrapped with soft lustre on the lap of an alp”. Its beauty will indeed provoke the best of eloquence in you. Yet in simple words, each aspect of Arai Hills looks breathtaking. Specifically, if it’s the full moon night then time ticks away but it still feels like a second. This beauty has endured in my mind since the time it has been noticed by my eyes and later seeped in all my senses. As the cool breeze blows, by giving a gentle touch that feels motherly, it gives a true vibe of night camping. Here, in this landscape, I have witnessed and experienced fairytales, along with the best of mundane and multiverses, and beyond. Arai Hills will evoke the finest of contemplation and artist in you, or if you are a wanderer and consider the world your home, like me… You will find the cozy nook right here. If the world is your home, here is the place where you would curl up with a book on October nights.

How to experience the “living magic” in Arai hills AKA how to reach there?

There are a lot of ways to reach this magnificent and majestic place. The significant ones are trekking and driving. Taking a taxi, and asking the driver to drop you at Arai hills will be a boring yet thrilling job as you can see the MIT World Peace University and its surrounding localities on the left side of the driveway.

Trekking is more thirst-quenching. Now the question is – How can we do that?

Take a car and ask the chauffeur to take you to Girija society through Rambaug Colony and straight up towards Sigma Apartment. Before Sigma Apartments, there is a small shelter having cemented seats on both sides. There you get the two roads to go up the hill. CAREFUL! It’s slippery. Hold tight as you climb.

What activities can be done there?

The moment you see those mini lights from the top, staring at it is the only urge you will feel. You might take your partner up there. Hold! Okay, so you have a partner? That’s absolutely lucky to explore the romance of Arai Hills with them. Okay, back to track from the next paragraph.

Picnics can be done but food has to be brought from the residence as there is no space to cook. Though there is a park which belongs to the forest department where people go to sit, chill and relax.

At the top, there are huge chunks of rocks that provide a beautiful spot to sit.

It is known to be the most famous place for fitness freaks. A natural gym is present in the park at the top. People climb up and down to have a good body. Fitness fanatics go up there to have a good workout.

This student alluring region attracts people from all over Pune as they also wish to see the wonderful sunset from the top.

Is it a sunset point as well?

Yes, it is. The gorgeous view of this sunset will be soul-filling for the viewers.

Finally, this got ticked off from my bucket list and would highly recommend it to those who want to explore the vastness and the true beauty of Pune. This place effectuates both body and mind and gives an ever-refreshing memory.

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