Café des Arts: amour pour la nourriture

Pondicherry, the land rich in French culture, food and architecture, is a former French colony. It is known to be a populous city on the southeastern coast of the country. It is administered by the Puducherry district and is known to be one of the famous union territories. This city belongs to the state of Tamil Nadu yet it attracts people from all over the world.

The French architecture and food are the major factors which allure the tourists. If you want me to talk about French architecture then I would use the word – “laudable” or what they say in French – “louable”. This city has the French influence for more than two hundred years and I must say that it's still standing with charm. My visit to Pondicherry was for four days but in this blog, I would only talk about the specific and piquant restaurant in the heart of the city.

This was a bungalow which was then converted into a café. The 19th-century building will give a charismatic feeling of suddenly being transferred to France. Café des Arts, is a French name. It is a white town-based restaurant which has edible services from 9 am to 6 pm. The kind of people you will meet here are extremely jolly and humble in nature. The owner and the manager are French and have the finest kind of characters. Though the owner is not physically present in the hotel, she lives in Auroville, the manager mostly takes care of everything. The vibe of this restaurant is pretty cool. Everyone managing this restaurant, starting from the waiters to the manager, is in a laid back fashion which adds a notion of eased temper.

This place is known for its food and architecture. Every piece screams the word France or French. Everything on their menu is their specialty but I loved the drink named “watermelon and chia seeds”. Every food has a special touch. The banana milkshake had a tinge bit of coffee in it.

For food, we ordered a lot. I misjudged my appetite and ordered four dishes namely French baguette, waffle with chocolate sauce, monsieur (sandwich) and Caesar salad.

French baguette was served with butter and jam. I have never tasted this kind of jam. It was delicious. The French baguette was crunchy and had a biscuit kind texture in it which is often consumed with Caesar salad. When I was ordering, I thought the quantity would be proportionate but when it was served – it was more than expected.

Monsieur, the sandwich, was a bacon cheese and egg sandwich which has luscious cheese drooping from all the sides. This sandwich was quite heavy.

Waffle with chocolate sauce was my favorite dish and it had all kinds of textures in it. The softness, the crunchiness and the juiciness were of the utmost quality.

It was a fulfilling brunch cum dinner because we had too many things on our plates. We loved it to the core. The service was till the tee.

The food looked mouth-watering. I didn’t regret a single penny that I had spent. I highly recommend everyone to visit this place if you are visiting Pondicherry. I would name this place - “the heart of the city”.

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