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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The very next morning I woke up really late. We all decided to leave a bit early because a lot of things were yet to be descried. But that didn't happen. The weather too had some other plans for us. Actually it wanted to show us the Pune rains. So as soon as we got into the car. Oh my god! It's raining

cats and dogs. After checking the weather forecast I came into a conclusion that maybe the day will not be in my favor. According to google, it would rain for the next 2 hours. When we reached Shaniwar Wada it started raining harder. We waited for a while under a tree (foolishly). By now I was completely drenched but didn't even leave a scope to pose.

Shaniwar Wada is a place which is full of mysteries which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

After coming out, we posed well for some pictures and then walked towards Dagduseth Halwai Ganpati Temple. This temple is very famous in Maharashtra. But as you know food attracts me more than anything else. So I went around to check on the spesh stuff available. There were some stalls (maybe in all stalls) were pure desi ghee ladoos were available. The smell attracted me so very much that I cheated on my plans of losing weight and gobbled two of those sweets.

It was already 2:45 pm and we decided to visit Vishrambaug Wada and then we shall find a good place for lunch. By then it was quite sunny which cheered my mood a bit. It was a Sunday and according to google, Vishrambaug Wada is unlatched on Sundays. But unfortunately it was not. This added more to the worst points of the day. After that we decided not to have lunch outside and get back to our residence. There were more spots like the Aga Khan palace, the Raja Dinkar Kelkar museum which were to be witnessed but nothing happened according to the plan. But it's alright! If not this time then surely next time.

We returned to our residence and had a delicious my type Bengali lunch.

Durga Puja is the biggest festival for the Bengalis and I, being a bong child was quite lucky enough to visit some of these pandals in Pune. These pandals didn't make me feel that I am away from my place.

After some pandal hopping we proceeded towards one of the most famous market area in Pune i.e. the Laxmi road. It is around 1.7 km away from the Shaniwar Wada. It is a huge market where there is no dearth of materials. There are other market arenas as well like the FC road, MG road etc.

Walking around in those streets gathered me a different kind of feeling. It was the last night for me in Pune. The day was not very good but it was a fun day.

Next morning we headed towards our next destination . . . .

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