Serenity to its extreme and graceful at every angle is what I would like to use to explain this beauty. Every second spent has created a sharp memory which will stay till the doomsday.

Mulshi dam was a serendipity for me. Maharashtra has the colors shining during the monsoon season. So, the thought while going to this place was mediocre. It was off-roading that I did during the spring season where unfortunately I did not have any gears to cover myself for the ride. I have shared a lot of notable points in my YouTube video which I will link down below regarding off-roading.

It was past 11’oclock in the morning and the decision had not been finalized yet to visit Mulshi Dam. Having a boundary has a lot of pros and cons. Notably, the con over here is, that I could not grasp the sunset at this charmer.

This placidity had a confusing path to reach as the google map is not enough. The locals are very helpful and will guide you through the roads to this place.

We left Kothrud after 11 am and reached there by afternoon which is around 1:30 pm to 2 pm. I soaked my legs in the water. The water was so clear that my heart danced to swim but my mind said that “you don’t have extra clothes. How do you expect to swim?” The road and lay buys were extremely smooth and immensely scenic. There are a lot of hotels in the local areas to fill in the tummy. The chai-tapris also serve sumptuous tea to the bikers. In certain places, the roads are uneven which I have shown and discussed in my video which is linked below.

The dam is immensely huge but for now, I didn’t get permission to go near the dam. I was sitting by the side of Mulshi lake which as mentioned above had all the calmness in it.

I have shown and shared all kinds of footings which I have experienced in this ride in my video. I will link it down over here. If you wish to visit the Mulshi Dam then do watch the video to have a safe and smooth journey.

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