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After landing at the Pune Airport, my very first reaction was "oh my god! it's so cold". Pune is located on the western side of Maharashtra and is the second largest city of the state. It is also known for it's exuberating history of the Peshwas.

Pune is known by two names, one which is also known to be the nickname of this city i.e. "the Queen of the Deccan". It is named so because Pune is a salubrious green city with a hill station like atmosphere. Pune is the best city on the Deccan Plateau - which earned Pune this appellation. A train named 'Deccan Queen' has been cleped after this nickname. And the other is "the Oxford of the East". It is because of the excellent colleges installed on this land. Many students from both India and abroad come to study in these colleges.

Did I drift away from the topic! Anyway, coming back to it.

Travelling from any part of the country to Pune is very convenient because of its transportation facilities. I took a flight from Kolkata. There are an ample number of good hotels which can be booked according to the plan. Now this isn't necessary but if done will be very helpful for travelling. The best time to make a tour to Maharashtra is the monsoons. During the monsoons, the city looks completely green as it's name signifies.

Though this picture is not of the monsoon season

We started the tour by paying a visit to the Parvati Hill temple which was built in the year 1749 commonly known as the Peshwa reign. From any of the hills of the western ghat, the city looks awe-inspiring.

Adjoining to this temple, a museum has been built to portray the various artifacts used during the Peshwa rule. This temple is known to be the second highest point in Pune at an altitude of 2100 feet above the sea level.

Left to right - Parvati Hill temple and Peshwa museum

We were all a bit tired as we all have travelled a lot the night before but uttering a single word about my exhaustion could have pushed me till the gates of hell. The only reason was the itinerary was completely prepared by me and everyone strictly told not to keep anything on the very next day. But being a travel enthusiast, I wanted to finish the whole tour on the very first day which was not even possible in my dreams. So while driving to Khadakwasla dam I took a power nap. Unfortunately, I was spotted my uncle and when we reached Khadakwasla he woke me up. As soon as I was back to my senses I saw all the other people in my car were in deep slumber. Now that was a bit of relief as no one noticed me sleeping except my uncle. As soon as I got down from the car, the fresh air of the river touched my soul and resuscitated it. This dam is on the Muthu river which is the main source of water in the city and its suburbs.

After waking up, I generally feel hungry and so as that day. It was already 3;30pm in the evening and the rats in my tummy started squeaking by then. Unaware of my condition, my mum offered me a soft sweet corn and I must say it was delicious. After posing for a little while, we drove straight to Sinhagad fort which was positioned at a distance of 16.4 kilometers from this dam. This fort was previously known as Kondhana and has been the site of many battles, most notably the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670. Many archaeologist assume that this fort was built around 2000 years ago as the temple and the carvings witnesses that.

While climbing up the hill, my vigour was unmatchable. But when I reached at the top, I was completely dead. The walker gains 1950 feet in elevation from the parking arena to the top which is a walk of 2.7 kilometers. In the parking area, some ladies sell lovely masala tea which should be tried before climbing the hill.

Both the wind and the view was ecstatic. It was already 6 pm in the evening and the sunset was just missed. We could've waited but some wonderful problem happened with my tummy for which we had to come down fast. While coming down somehow I clicked a picture of the view of the city.

This was just the first day of my Pune trip and I'll be updating the second day in my next article. Hope you've enjoyed it - do share your views.

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