The Biswa Bangla Gate

Updated: Mar 15

We made a serendipitous decision to witness the Biswa Bangla gate which has come up recently in Newtown, Kolkata. Lately, it has also been the talk of the city. All these while, being under a rock, I continuously thought and questioned myself "what is there in this place? It's just a normal hotel!

Why are people so excited about it?"

But I was actually proved wrong. It looked so magnificent, vibrant and maybe the whole universe of adjectives won't be able to define its beauty.

Starting from the food part of it...

The starters and the desserts were absolutely delicious. So yummy that I felt like to reorder and gorb it. According to me, the main course was not as powerful as the starters and the desserts. They say that "the first impression is the last impression". This place has really defined each word of this phrase. Every sherrick has been looked after by this place. Even the menu card looks so confounding.

Experiencing both aura and food makes the meal delightful. It has an average height of 72 meters which gives an astounding top view of the Rajarhat Newtown area.

The Biswa Bangla gate commences at 12 noon which continues till 5pm followed by another slot in the evening i.e. 7pm - 10pm. A table has to be booked for lunch, evening snacks and/or dinner.

This booking can be done in two ways. Either it needs to be booked online (BookMyShow) or the hedonist needs to reach the location at least an hour before. Experiencing only the ambience, the inside view and no food will cost Rs.100/person which is not worth-spending.

Witnessing everything with those mouth watering food will cost Rs.500/person which is lucrative. Most of the bookings are done online. People with no bookings can also behold it. The amount paid for booking is the same on both online and offline.

It has an average diameter of 155 meters which can accommodate 110 people at a time. But they allow only 45 epicures/slot. Each table gets a curb of one hour thirty minutes. The decoration of this admirable hotel is vista. Every wall has its own anecdote.

Buffets are also present here but only for special occasions.

Special photography or selfies areas have also been made here.

This magnificent structure truly describes aestheticism. No sooner had we entered the restaurant than they served us with great hospitality. If this place was to be described in a sentence, I would rather say - stellar vicinity and toothsome food.

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