The spellbinding visit : J.W. Marriott, Pune (SPICE KITCHEN)

The first thing that comes in the mind of a middle class college girl - "oh my god! Did I come to heaven ? It is sophisticated at each level." Each and every particle over her looked prepossessing. The aura can easily hypnotize with resplendency. The checking at the entrance is very simple and the process happens in every single luxurious restaurant/hotel. Each and every décor was screaming the word "luxe".

The water droplet like structure looked charismatic at the golden hour of the day which is the dusk and also with all lights around it during the evening time. Just beneath it are huge vases with super expensive and beguiling flowers. The entrance will enchant you in such a way, that you would simply like to stare at it forever.

J.W. Marriott, Pune has two restaurants in it, one, the spice kitchen and the other is the Pasha. An exuberant lure is the perfect description of the Pasha (though I have not been to it). It is a roof top restaurant and every scintilla found over there is of the utmost quality. The Pasha is known for its customizable drinks and food. Describing this beauty is already giving goosebumps.

The spice kitchen has its own charm. Firstly, I was in a disbelief which is a different story, might tell you after sometime. Here, the fact that I loved the most was the hospitality. It was at its peak. Every person attached to this has completely outdone themselves in every single aspect. The bartenders and the chefs had a very good understanding and we had received exactly whatever we wanted. The food and drinks that I had ordered were completely customized. Kudos to the chefs and the bartenders. I was already mesmerized with interiors. Little did I know that the food is going to set a higher pedestal. I literally have no words to describe the presentation, the taste and the vibe.

For appetizers, I ordered, Schezwan chicken. Also a small note for all who thinks that five star restaurants do not provide proper quantity - it is not at all like that. There are certain five star restaurants who does so but J.W. Marriot provides a huge quantity of food. One plate of any kind of appetizer can fill the tummy of at least 3-4 people. In my case, it filled half the appetite that I had for the day. I would like to rate this a 3.5 out of 5. It was tasty, juicy, and soft. The chicken was well cooked and extremely tender which added a great joy.

For mocktail, I ordered a 3l's which was actually made up of lychee, lime and lemonade which was really thirst-quenching. It had a tangy flavor which added more sharpness to it. I would like to rate this a 4.5 out of 5. Lots of cocktails like martini, margarita, bong etc are also served over here. J.W. Marriott is one of the few restaurants who serve single malt whiskey and Paul John is one of it's specialty. There are various kinds of high-end alcohol which is served over here with utmost care.

As I write this, by looking at the picture, I am feeling hungry. I just want to grab it out of the screen but I can't. I ordered for a mushroom and chicken risotto which was cooked with chicken broth. Generally they cook it with vegetable broth but it was requested by us to cook it like the way we want it to be. This added a totally different flavor to the dish which was delectable. I would rate this food a 4.5 out of 5.

Just look at the tea stall. The intricacies are so beautiful. Every piece was magnificent. They didn't incorporate artwork. They made an artwork. My first impression of J.W. Marriott was unfadingly dignified.

Keeping the interiors, the hospitality and food in mind, I would like to rate it a 4 out of 5. I would surely like to visit the Pasha someday. This service was commendable and I highly recommend it to all.

For now, enjoy the review and do comment down below about your experiences.

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